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Coventry Phoenix Film Festival proudly presents the Nominees for Winner of Best Film!

The Nominees:

Aisle 17 - Directed by (Mike Doxford) Writers - Molly Jones, Scott Parkin

The Drowned - Written and Directed by (Adam Park)

Mental Roots - Nathan Addai (Director, Writer, Lead Animator, Voiceover artist)

The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot - Written and Directed by (Ray Jacobs)

Unbound - Writer and Director (Jemima Hughes) Producer and Stop Motion Animator (Janet Mayes) Digital Animator and Editor (Mike Parry) Composer (Mike Roberts)

Mr Wong's Lullaby - Directed by Clare Langford Writers - Clare Langford, Anni Swinburn

And the Winners Are: 

Rising Award

Congratulations to Jemima Hughes on winning the first-ever Coventry Phoenix Film Festival Phoenix Rising Award for Unbound!

Unbound is a lively and colourful three-minute abstract animation which presents the filmmaker's feelings about being perceived as “wheelchair-bound” and her positive experience of physically exciting activities such as dancing and zip wiring. It combines cut out animation in hand-painted watercolour paper with digital effects, using colours, shapes and movement inspired by Kandinsky’s paintings to express emotion. The director's voice-over, spoken on her electronic communication aid and subtitled, describes her experiences. Jazz-inspired music composed for the film reflects the motion and excitement of the activities.

Best Film

Aisle 17 - In a world savaged by pollution, it would seem impossible to comprehend a day-to-day life, but somehow normality must continue on. We follow one man navigating his way through his daily shop.

Congratulations to Director Mike Doxford, Writers Molly Jones & Scott Parkin on winning the first-ever Phoenix Film Festival Award for Best Film!

Coventry Phoenix Film Festival Phoenix Rising Award
Best Film
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